HCI Design Education 2.0

We are engaged in multiple activities in HCI Design education:
• Building on work begun during last Fall’s sabbatical at Aarhus University in Denmark, we are investigating interactive HCI design tools using table-top and large displays. This work is part of our larger program to develop an innovative program of HCI design education.
• Developing a theoretical frame for HCI design education, which we have provisionally termed, “meta-dexterous”. Innovation stems from the combination or contrast between perspectives, concerns and goals. Where multi-dexterous design means working collaboratively across discipline boundaries, meta-dexterous design means working collaboratively across discipline boundaries, but better. We call this “meta” in that this higher-level deeply re-flective dexterity shapes and orders the specific, subsidiary design and engi-neering dexterities.
• Developing new HCI curriculum to enact the meta-dexterous theoretical frame. Part of this involves finding trans- and multi-disciplinary educational settings and institutions.

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