Steve Harrison

Steven Harrison
Steve Harrison is an architect, research scientist, and an academic. Design is a cross-cutting element in his career: he is a registered architect in California, he studies the practices of design, he has created tools for design collaboration, and is an award-winning designer. In fact, design has shaped his approach to teaching and research.

This unique approach produced the seminal computer supported cooperative work system known as the media space and contributed to the development of a number of shared drawing tools, culminating in the Drawstream Station, all of which employ video in novel ways. Being a student of media, as well as design, has led to instrumental applications of media, most recently in developing exhibits and the overall program for “XFR: experiments in the Future of Reading”. These have been reported in numerous technical publications and conference proceedings, as well as the popular press.

The studies of process and the technological interventions he created have resulted in a number of novel insights; “Re-Placing Space” (Harrison and Dourish, 1996) is an oft-cited paper on the behavioral framing of real and virtual space.

This interwoven design and research approach continues with a study of the practices of design review in many disciplines. The goal is to provide local tactics for design review practitioners and strategies for designing more effective design reviews. It is also the central organizing idea I use to teach human-computer interaction. HCI is rapidly changing with new paradigms of technology and use, the only way to teach students for life-long adaptability is for them to understand how they can design the process of design.

Here is a link to his personal website.  He the Director of the Human-Centered Design program in the Graduate School and co-Director of the Social Informatics Area of the Center for Human-Computer Interaction. He is also the chair of the ACM SigCHI Design of Interactive Systems Conferences Steering Committee, co-Chair of DIS 2019 and co-Associate Chair of C&C 2019, being held jointly in June in San Diego.

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